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How to apply for an instant loan of 10 thousand TL? We will give all of them in detail in the following article. Quickly applying TL 10 thousand in 2019 is a very easy method due to the wide opportunity options provided by banks. Both public and private banks make their customers instantly with the applications they receive from their websites and they also provide the opportunity to calculate the lowest interest loan to their customers with the loan calculation applications they provide through their sites.

Banks in Turkey are often in need of credit facilities available to loan up to $ 10,000 in options. In this context, low-interest loans are provided to customers who demand loans by banks with maturity options up to 12 months, 24 months, 36 months and 48 months.

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Methods of applying for loans have been diversified with new applications and opportunities developed by banks. If you say how can I withdraw 10,000 TL loan with 36 months maturity;

  • Online loan application online; You can request a payment direct payday loan from by filling out the online loan application form and entering your information on the website.
  • Credit application by SMS; Before going to the bank with the credit application method of SMS with the application determined by the bank to the SMS number, you only need to send your TC ID number in the first place. If you have a high credit rating, the bank will provide you with the necessary documents and credit amount.
  • Loan application from the Bank branch; The choice of customers who usually seek face-to-face information is to apply for a loan from the branch. In this way, you can learn the current interest rates, the monthly amount you have to pay and if there are extra documents requested by the bank, you can accelerate your transactions by providing them instantly.

What are the required documents for the 10,000 TL loan application?

If the bank to which you apply for a loan is one of the banks you worked before, you do not need to provide such documents. However, if this is the first time you will apply for a loan to a bank and you have never had an account with this bank before;

  • Identification
  • Certificate of residence
  • Income certificate
  • Invoice sample of your residence such as electricity, water, and natural gas

Such documents are requested to be obtained from you in your loan application. In some cases, depending on the situation of the applicant, documents such as guarantor and collateral are requested from the persons who will apply for credit. Furthermore, the fact that the person applying for the loan does not have any outstanding loan debt to the banks and the high credit score of the bank is one of the conditions sought.

10,000 TL Loan How many TL per month should I pay?


If you say how much I would like to pay 10 thousand TL credit you have taken, it is useful to know the maturity amount of the loan you have chosen and whether the loan costs such as file cost and interest amount will be covered by you. You can see the payment plans using the loan calculation application on the banks’ websites and create your own payment plan.

For example, when you withdraw 10 thousand TL credit;

  • 12 months maturity with a monthly interest of 1,67% and a monthly payment of 945 TL and a total payment of 11.340 TL
  • With the same interest amount, 528 TL per month in 24 months term and 12.672 TL in total,
  • In the 36-month term, the monthly interest rate of 1.67% is TL 392 and the total amount is TL 14.112.

You must pay with the payment amount and your monthly salary must be above these amounts.

Which 10 Thousand TL Lending Banks are Instant?

Which 10 Thousand TL Lending Banks are Instant?

The general purpose loan of some banks that granted instant loans in 2019 and the characteristics of these loans are as follows:

Halkbank general purpose loan; Halkbank enables loans to be used quickly and provides loans with a maturity of up to 36 months with a monthly interest rate of 2.50% on the loan limit of TL 10,000. This loan type, which provides easy application via the Halkbank internet branch, has a monthly payment amount of TL 1004 in a 12-month term. The total amount to be paid together with the file cost of 206 TL is determined as 12.055 TL.

Guarantee loan ; In order to have a quick application and to have a loan without going to the branch, the 10 thousand TL consumer loan which can be applied from the official website with the income certificate and identity information is subject to a maturity of up to 36 months and an interest rate of 2.62% per month. In this credit type, which reflects file charges of TL 187.5, the monthly payment amount for the 12-month term is TL 1.013 and the total amount to be paid is determined as TL 12.159 for 2019.

ING loan options offer up to 36 months of maturity and a monthly interest rate of 1.99%. In this type of loan, which reflects the loan allocation fee of TL 50, the monthly payment amount in the 12-month maturity option is 968 TL and the total cost is 11.619 TL by Good Finance Bank. As a result of the applications made by Good Finance Bank users through the official website, the credit amounts are deposited in their accounts, but those who are not customers of Good Finance Bank have the opportunity to complete their documents such as income documents, identity information, and application form by way of courier before going to the branch.

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