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ByJasmine Harding

Hairstyles You Should Try If You Have A Larger Forehead - Glam (1)


Some of the most stunning celebrities in the world have large foreheads:Rihanna, Tyra Banks, Angelina Jolie, and Rachel McAdamsare just a few examples. A larger forehead isn't something to hide, but you might not always want it to be the star of the show either. Just as we like playing with our makeup looks and hair color, there are options if you want to draw emphasis away from your forehead and to other parts of your face. One place to start? Your hairstyle.


Some hairstyles create the illusion of a smaller forehead, while others don't make your forehead look smaller but can draw attention to other parts of your face instead. For the former, bangs are a popular pick since they cover up your forehead, hiding part or all of your hairline. Otherwise, styles with lots of texture, layers, or volume are a good choice to draw attention away from the forehead area. If you have a large forehead, it might give you the appearance of a longer face, so adding some width with your hair can help balance your face shape. We've included a range of hairstyles on this list — some to cover up a larger forehead and others to keep it on proud display.

Bouncy side-parted lob

A mid-length lob suits just about everyone, including those with larger foreheads. One benefit of a shorter cut like a lob is that your hair isn't weighed down by its length. This can mean enviable volume (which is great for drawing attention away from a larger forehead). Style a lob with a hair dryer and round brush to give it a boost, then part it further over from your usual part (like a deeper side part) to give it even more bounce.


Slicked-back bun

A slicked-back bun is a style anyone can rock — don't be intimidated if you have a larger forehead! This sleek type of style really puts the focus on your face, so it's a stunning look for when you want to show off your facial features (or a killer makeup look), forehead and all.


Full bangs

Full bangs offer full forehead coverage. A popular style for all forehead sizes, there's something dainty and girlish about peeking at people from under a fringe. If you've never had bangs before, it's a small snip that can make a big difference. Full bangs work with any hairstyle, whether that's long layers or a short bob, so you can still stick to your classic cut but add bangs to give it a bit more oomph.


Voluminous curtain bangs

Not ready to commit to a full bang? Curtain bangs are a stunning alternative that will frame any face shape beautifully, while also providing a bit of forehead coverage. Compared to other bang styles, one bonus of curtain bangs is that you can choose your ideal length. Snip them to your cheekbones and use a round brush to get a lovely swooped look that makes the bangs more obvious. Or if you like a bit of flexibility, keep them longer (about mid-cheek length) so that you can tuck them behind your ears when you don't feel like styling them.


Casual updo with middle part

A casual updo, secured with a claw clip, is the perfect hairstyle for work, errands, or a coffee date with friends. If you have a larger forehead, pulling all your hair back can make your forehead look more prominent. If you want to offset that effect, part your hair down the middle and pull out some front sections. Much like curtain bangs, these front sections will frame your forehead nicely and add some flair to an otherwise plain hairdo.


Put a bow on it (or other accessories)

Hairstyles for larger foreheads aren't always designed to conceal. Wear your features loud and proud! You can adorn a prominent forehead by adding some cute accessories to the front of your hairstyle. Bows, barrettes, and clips can all make you feel a little more trendy and confident. Choose an accessory that matches your outfit for an overall cohesive look.


Side-parted voluminous bob

If your larger forehead makes your face look a bit longer than you'd like, balance out your profile with a hairstyle that adds width. Whether you have natural curls or you use hair tools, it's easy to get lots of side-to-side volume with a bob that ends just above your shoulders. Parting your hair on one side adds more volume up top as well.


Slicked-back with pulled out pieces

A fully slicked-back look can feel intimidating if you're used to covering up your forehead. Pulling out some strands at the front offers a good in-between. You can still take advantage of the sleek look (and conceal any greasy roots), but you won't feel like your forehead is on full display. This type of style works best with layered or short hair, and it looks nicest if the wispy front strands are shorter than your chin.


Thick and full blunt bang

Channel your inner ZooeyDeschanelcharacter with a thick, full, and blunt bang. This is amongst the best hairstyles to cover a large forehead — it essentially just hides it away. A thick bang completely conceals your hairline, so it makes it impossible to tell the size of your forehead underneath. Just keep in mind that for most people, this isn't a low-maintenance hairstyle. Full bangs often need styling to get them to sit right.


Curly bangs

A thick bang looks stunning on natural curls. When nicely layered, it creates a face-framing effect that exudes grace. Just like the previous example, the bangs cover up your forehead, keeping people guessing at its size. Long or short, big curls give your hair lots of volume, which adds width to your facial features.


Loose half-up half-down with wispy strands

A loose half-up half-down style is a crowd favorite. It's one you can create with just a hair elastic, claw clip, or barrette, and the finished look is classy. If you have a larger forehead, you might be accustomed to keeping your hair down. This look offers the best of both worlds, keeping most of your hair down while pulling the front sections out of the way. Pull out two wispy strands to frame your forehead and add some interest to the front of the look.


Slick but voluminous

A slicked-back ponytail looks chic, but it does put the spotlight on your forehead. To balance out the look, you can boost the volume around your face by curling or teasing the rest of your hair. Natural curls look stunning with this type of ponytail, and it's a low-effort way to style your hair.


Headband on parted hair

Whether you're going for a preppy or sporty look, a headband is a pretty way to keep your hair back. Worried it will expose a lot of your forehead? Before putting on the headband, part your hair instead of pulling it all straight back. Keeping your hair parted can help cover a little more of your forehead. A middle or side part will work for this look — you'll just want to place the headband behind the part by an inch or two.


Wispy bangs

Wispy bangs look delicate and are a pretty alternative to full bangs. They won't cover as much of your forehead, but they'll still give you the illusion of a lower hairline. If a full bang feels too severe but you want something more obvious than a curtain bang, wispy bangs are the in-between style to try.


Little braid details

Adding style details to your hair is one way to draw the eye away from a larger forehead. One of the easiest ways to do so is by adding small braids, scattered throughout your hair. This style looks great on all hair textures. To keep the braid looking neat and blended with the rest of your hair, tie it off with a small rubber hair elastic that closely matches your hair color.


Slicked-back with middle part

Give a slicked-back hairstyle more structure by adding an obvious part at the front — a middle baby part is one stylish option. A baby part lets you keep more of your forehead covered, creating the appearance of a lower hairline. Use hairspray or gel to keep it in place and contribute to the slick look.


Loose curls

Some version of beachy and voluminous waves is pretty much always in style. This look is just feminine, pretty, and versatile too. When you have big, bouncy waves or curls, they usually end up being the most standout part of your look. This naturally takes away attention from the forehead area.


Shaggy pixie cut

Why hide behind your hair? A pixie cut strips it all back and puts your best facial features on display. If you want the focus to be on other areas of your face, and not your forehead, add a bang to the front. To keep the shaggy and waifish pixie look, cut your bangs on the shorter side. Texture really adds to this haircut, making it look perfectly tousled.


Short and sweet

Another short and sweet 'do, this cropped cut really puts the emphasis on your face. After all, if you're going for a short style, you likely are doing it to show off your face (and that includes your forehead)! So there's no bangs needed here — this type of extra short cut is modelesque, so you can show off your best self.


Side-swept updo

We can argue about side parts versus middle parts all we want, but one fact remains: They both have a place in our hairstyling repertoire. Side parts can help you achieve an Old Hollywood glam look. When you want to cover a larger forehead, that's often easier to accomplish with a swooped side part. A side-swept updo can give you the illusion of a forehead-covering side bang, but without the need to chop any hair away.


Natural curls

When it comes to drawing attention away from a larger forehead, naturally curly hair has an advantage. If you have luscious curls, you can bet the focus will be on them rather than your forehead. Curls can add volume to the sides of your face (and the top, depending on your curl pattern), which can make a larger forehead look more symmetrical. Of course, you can always add curly bangs as well.


Sleek bob

A sleek bob screams chic — it's neat and comes across as powerful. Who cares about your forehead when you look this confident? While a straight bob doesn't add much volume around your face, if you end it around or above your shoulders, it still adds some interest to the face area, which can offset the appearance of a larger forehead.


Swooped curtain bangs

A longer curtain bang offers flexibility — you can style it forward with a swoop, or tuck it behind your ears or into your hairstyle. This gives you the option to do your hair according to your mood. Want to cover up the forehead a bit more? Swoop your bangs to the front. Happy to show your natural features? It's much easier to pin back curtain bangs than a full fringe.


Sweet pigtails

Pigtails are a great choice for when you want to tie your hair back, but don't want to go for a classic ponytail, which sometimes doesn't feel comfortable for those with larger foreheads. Pigtails keep more of your hair at the front, which can help with the appearance of a fuller hairline. If regular pigtails feel too childish, try braided pigtails instead for a trendier look.


Cute cotton headband

Whether it's because they're high-maintenance or just not your style, bangs aren't for everyone. Looking for a way to cover your hairline without resorting to bangs? A cotton headband is a temporary solution. To emulate a '90s-inspired look, wear it across your hairline. You can pull it more forward to make your hairline look lower — just make sure it's still covered to get the look.


Add a hat or head scarf

Cotton headbands aren't your thing? They can feel too sporty for some outfits. As an alternative, you can also cover your hairline with a hat or a hair scarf. There are more options compared to cotton headbands (which usually just vary in color and thickness). There's a hat or hair scarf for every season, ranging from a plush knitted hat for the winter to silky patterned scarves for summer.


Long layers

Long layers look beautiful on any face shape. There's a good reason this cut doesn't go out of style — it's simple but timeless. If you're after a feminine hair look that you can style in a variety of ways, it's the first place to start. Shorter layers at the front help to frame the face nicely, regardless of the size of your forehead.


High ponytail with long bangs

Sometimes, it's necessary to wear your hair up, and a ponytail or bun may be the most appropriate style, particularly on hot days or in professional settings. That can give some people with big foreheads pause — but don't worry, there are ways to balance out a longer face. One way is with a high ponytail, which adds more interest to your look from the front. Even better, pull out some front pieces. You can play with how much hair you want out, ranging from wispy strands to thicker, bang-like front pieces.


High sleek bun

If you need (or want) to have all your hair slicked back, you can follow the similar logic as the previous style, adding interest to your look with a high bun. While this hairstyle usually elongates your face, it does so in an elegant way, and with the bun in sight from all angles, it adds some oomph to your hairdo.


Middle-parted slicked bun

Maybe you love slicked, low buns, but feel like your head is a bit egg-shaped when you try to do this style (it happens to the best of us). The solution? Give your hairstyle more dimension with an obvious part. A middle part feels modern, but a side part is a classic, too (and can give more Old Hollywood vibes).


French bob

Instantly capture the cool girl aesthetic with a French bob. Bangs are a non-negotiable part of this hairstyle, covering up your forehead if that's what you're after. Add some tousled texture to the sides for an effortlessly fashionable look that can also help make your face appear wider rather than long.


Wolf cut with side-swept bangs

Wander the most hip neighborhoods and you'll probably see a wolf cut or two. This hairstyle is a touch rebellious while still looking pretty. It often comes with bangs, which complete its severely layered aesthetic. This is welcome news for those who prefer to have their foreheads covered, and best of all, you can play with the bang length to suit your style.


Shag cut

A close cousin of the wolf cut is the shag cut, which is a little less choppy. If a wolf cut feels like too much of a snip, but you want to play with serious layers, a shag cut is a good choice. With bangs, it can create the look of a smaller forehead. Plus, with the copious layers in your hair, it can also make your face appear more heart-shaped.


Short and cropped

There's something about a large forehead that looks waifish and high-fashion. Really lean into that feeling with a very short and cropped haircut. Androgynous and striking, this super cropped hairdo looks like it belongs on the cover of a fashion magazine.


Sleek side part

Styling a slicked-down side part is one way to cover up more forehead real estate — but without bangs. This type of sleek side part works with any tied-back hairstyle, including half-up half-down, ponytails, and buns. Just section off some of the front before tying your hair up. Do the rest of your style and secure the front section in place with some bobby pins (you can tuck it into the back, where it might be visible, or into the rest of your hairstyle to keep it hidden). Finish with some hair gel to tame flyaways.


Hairstyles You Should Try If You Have A Larger Forehead - Glam (2024)
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