These Are The Best Haircuts If You Have A Big Forehead - The List (2024)


These Are The Best Haircuts If You Have A Big Forehead - The List (1)

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Let's make one thing clear right off the bat: Having a big forehead is not a bad thing. Throughout history, high foreheads have been noted as a symbol of attractiveness — Renaissance women would even pluck their hairlines to make their foreheads appear larger, and paintings of women from the time show that high foreheads were a symbol of beauty.

And in current times, some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, like Angelina Jolie, Rihanna, and Tyra Banks have larger foreheads. With all of that said, having a big forehead can be tough if it's not a feature you're super comfortable with. You may find that certain hairstyles look different on others with smaller foreheads than they do on you, and you may not be sure which styles will suit you best. You may be torn between wanting to emphasize your broad forehead and wanting to minimize it. At the end of the day, you should choose whichever haircut makes you feel your best. But if you're looking for a little inspiration, we've compiled a list of the haircuts best suited to those with big foreheads.

Short, blunt bob with bangs

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This fun, elegant haircut involves cutting the hair to around chin-length and adding bangs — either straight-across bangs or subtly side-swept, depending on your preference. This haircut puts the focus on the cheekbones and neck — and, in the process, draws attention away from the forehead. Also known as a "French girl bob," this hairstyle can be worn sleek and straight or artfully messy. As a bonus, the French girl bob has been trending for a few years now, so opting for this hairstyle not only conceals a larger forehead but also makes you look super chic in the process. Some celebrities known for rocking this haircut include Lily Collins, Kourtney Kardashian, and Kirsten Dunst.

Hairstylist Joseph Maine said in Allure's Skinfluencer video series that he tends to take some weight off the ends of the hair (and the ends of the bangs) to prevent too much heaviness — you don't want to weigh down your features with a triangular-shaped haircut. Maine also thinks blunt bobs tend to look best slightly messy and natural: "I think that these styles look best with a little bit of that undone texture, like you just woke up," he said.

Soft, face-framing layers

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People have been getting layers in their hair for decades, and for good reason — they add dimension and movement and tend to make any haircut more dynamic. Layers can also be an incredibly flattering option for different face shapes and features, especially when the layers are combined with bangs or fringe. According to hair expert and founder of Spoke & Weal salons, Jon Reyman, "A long, layered fringe can help soften and balance your features" (per Glamour).

If you don't like the idea of getting a fringe, you can still incorporate some soft, face-framing layering throughout your hair to draw attention to your face and create some dimension. Layers not only elevate your haircut, but they also add visual interest to your hair, drawing attention away from your forehead. Be sure to work with your hairstylist to figure out which type of layering will best suit you.

According to hairstylist Harry Josh (via Mane Addicts), "Some girls may just need layering around the face, others may need layers throughout their length, and some just on the very ends. Most types of layering are specific to each client, which is why it's important to consult with a trusted hairstylist who knows your hair well."

Curtain bangs

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It's safe to say curtain bangs are having a bit of a moment — see Selena Gomez, Dakota Johnson, and Gabrielle Union for just a few celebrity examples — and it's easy to understand why. Curtain bangs are a nod to 1960s and 1970s hairstyles, but unlike some other retro hairstyles (we're looking at you, mullet), they're pretty easy to pull off. As celebrity hairstylist Mark Townsend told Vogue, "When they're done right, they're flattering on everyone."

And that includes those of us looking to conceal a larger forehead, given the fact that the bangs make it appear smaller. One thing to keep in mind is that curtain bangs will involve some upkeep compared to other hairstyles; while they aren't necessarily high-maintenance, they do require a bit of finessing (and regular trimming) to look good. But once you have your routine down — which will likely include a round brush and hairdryer for styling — it shouldn't take too long to get your curtain bangs into place. "If you can give your bangs 10 minutes, you're done," Townsend said.

Voluminous curls

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More of a hairstyle than a haircut, voluminous curls will balance out a big forehead by adding extra volume to your hair. Hairstylist Gillian Garcia told Essence, "The bigger, the better! Having a large forehead doesn't mean you can't pump up the volume with your tresses."

Voluminous curls may be easier to achieve for those with a naturally curly hair texture, but the good news is that your hair length and haircut don't matter — you can still get volume and curls regardless of these factors(though an afro will work much better on those with naturally curly hair).People with naturally straight or very fine hair will likely have to use texturizing products and curling irons to achieve a super-curly look. Whether your voluminous curls come in the form of an afro or longer, looser curls, the most important thing is that you feel confident in yourself. A piece of advice from Garcia when it comes to big foreheads: "Own it!"

Long, side-swept bangs

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Just like curtain bangs can disguise a broad forehead, side-swept bangs also cover some of the face, creating the illusion of a smaller forehead. Side-swept bangs may not feel like the trendiest option — cue the flashback to 2008, when side bangs and V-neck shirts were all the rage — but when styled in a contemporary way, side-swept bangs can be a classic and incredibly flattering look.

According to celebrity stylist Marcus Francis (via Glamour), "Creating a diagonal angle on your face will help keep people's eyes focused on your center features, like your eyes and lips, instead of your forehead or the lower part of your face."

Not only do side-swept bangs minimize a larger forehead, but they can also be flattering for those with round faces. As hairstylist Jon Reyman told Glamour, "Side-swept fringe is a go-to for a round face. The angle of the bangs creates more length in your face and thus a more oval shape."


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The pompadour is a fun and bold hairstyle choice that is perfect for those looking for something a little different. It's also one of hairstylist Gillian Garcia's recommendations for people with a big forehead, according to Essence. Creating interest and volume on the top of the head can balance out a larger forehead while also achieving an edgy look (see Janelle Monáe for a great take on the pompadour). Celebrity hairstylist Raphael Reboh told Byrdie, "The pompadour is the perfect classic look for [those] who want to pull their hair away from their face but still want to be edgy and fun; however, it is not an easy style to pull off for the faint of heart."

So, for those daring enough to go for a pompadour, getting the right haircut and styling down is very important. "The haircut is key," Reboh told Byrdie. "Cut the hair in a way that shapes your particular face shape." He also recommended drying the hair well and using a "matte paste with no shine" to keep the style in place.

Grown-out bangs

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Micro-bangs have been trending for the past few years, but they aren't the best option for those of us with big foreheads. In fact, micro-bangs, or baby bangs, will only make a larger forehead look even bigger, so try opting for longer, grown-out bangs for a more flattering look. "Keeping the fringe line low right around your eyebrows is best," hairstylist Jon Reyman told Glamour. If you're having trouble envisioning what grown-out bangs look like (they definitely shouldn't just be a curtain of hair covering the eyes), see Rihanna for some inspo.

Grown-out bangs also offer the benefit of being low-maintenance while still looking effortlessly chic. Celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson thinks keeping bangs soft and natural — as with grown-out bangs — is particularly trendy, telling Us Weekly, "I think a softer bang is on-trend right now. The ideal look offers a soft sexiness and overall fun and flirty vibe."

Curly bangs

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Those of us with naturally curly tresses may have been told in the past that bangs aren't a good idea, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Particularly when you're trying to minimize a large forehead, curly bangs not only look great, but also draw attention to the eyes rather than the forehead.

As celebrity hairstylist Ted Gibson told Us Weekly, "Bangs go in and out of style, but right now, for makeup looks — especially those surrounding the red carpet — the focus is on the eyes, and bangs help frame and accentuate this feature."

For people with wavy and curly hair, Gibson says it's important to get bangs cut in a way that allows them to fall in a flattering way while still maintaining their curl — in other words, full, blunt bangs are a no-go. "Those with curly hair need a bit of softness and the bangs need to be broken up a bit," he said. "But you are otherwise good to go."

Loose, beachy waves

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Loose, flowing, wavy hair is a go-to style for a reason: Keeping hair flowy and natural is a flattering look on everybody, no matter how big or small their forehead may be. Editorial hairstylist Jordan M noted (via Byrdie) that pulling hair back can expose the hairline, emphasizing a high forehead; keeping hair down and loose prevents this from happening.

And while a center part can be a great look paired with beachy waves, a side part may be the better option if you're looking to minimize your forehead. "Off-center parts will help shorten and soften the forehead," Jordan M told Byrdie. Celebrity hairstylist George Northwood agreed: "Just parting your hair on a deep side is a great solution, as a center parting is too symmetrical, so it will only show off a big forehead." He added that a side part is a good option for people who want a "quick fix" for concealing a larger forehead (via Byrdie).

Wispy bangs

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Unlike blunt, full bangs, which can create a heavy look, wispy bangs cover the forehead while still keeping the overall look light and airy, since the bangs are more piece-y and wispy. These versatile bangs also work well with different hair types, including curly and wavy styles.

Hair expert George Northwood told Byrdie: "If you've got a small forehead, you want to cut the fringe to make the head look bigger, so the opposite will be the case for a big forehead. You'll want to opt for a smaller cut — something like Caroline de Maigret, as her fringe is disconnected, and you can see through it." Celebrity hairstylist MJ Rone agrees with this take, telling Female Network, "Wispy fringe covers a broad forehead. Plus, it gives off a relaxed and romantic look."

Northwood also offers an important tip for anyone with a large forehead who is looking to get bangs: Make sure that your hairstylist doesn't make your bangs "deep." In other words, the bangs should not begin far back on the head, as that will create the look of an even bigger forehead.

Wavy long bob

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A long bob (or "lob") is one of the best haircuts if you have a big forehead because it's flattering on everyone, and it also has some movement and wave, which will balance out facial features while distracting from a large forehead (see Mena Suvari as an example). A long bob is a good option for people who don't want to commit to bangs and also don't want to get rid of too much length. As a bonus, bobs (and lobs) are on trend for 2023.

Another bonus of a long bob is that, due to its length, it tends to shift the volume of the hair to the roots rather than to the ends, which can happen with longer hair. "Short- to medium-length haircuts will help add some natural volume around the parting," hairstylist Jordan M told Byrdie. Having that extra volume at the top of the hair will help to balance the appearance of a larger forehead.

Long, flowing braids

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An ethereal and classic look for Black hair, long, flowing box braids can draw attention away from the forehead and onto the hairstyle itself. From Tessa Thompson to Zendaya to Zoe Kravitz, this hairstyle has been donned by many celebrities, and for good reason. Long braids give a feminine and artsy look to those who wear them, and, as a bonus, having a side part with braids allows for some of the forehead to be covered, which is ideal for those looking to minimize that area.

However, box braids aren't really for the faint of heart. If braids are too tight, this can lead to a condition called traction alopecia, which leads to hair loss around the hairline. Hairstylist Bridgette Hill told Byrdie that it's important to speak up if you're feeling excessive pulling during braid installation. "Address the discomfort immediately," Hill said. "The braider should loosen any braid in real-time to reduce discomfort."

Though braids can act as a protective style for the hair and can be low-maintenance, they do require some care. According to Hill, braids should be moisturized several times a week with oil, while the scalp should be cleansed with rosemary oil or a diluted shampoo weekly.

Short and voluminous styles

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Two of the biggest helpers for a big forehead are shorter lengths — which makes the face look wider, thus making the forehead look smaller — and volume, which makes the face look smaller overall. "A shorter haircut is always better to disguise a bigger forehead," celebrity George Northwood told Byrdie. "If you think your head looks long, then you need to create width in your hair."

Keeping things short and full of volume leaves the door open for a lot of different hairstyles, from afros to a short shag. To choose which short, voluminous haircut you want, consider things like your face shape, your lifestyle, and how much time and effort you want to spend on your hair. These factors can help you decide between, say, a wash-and-go bob or a high-maintenance pompadour. Whichever hairstyle you choose, it's always a good idea to incorporate a little layering around the face to emphasize your features. "Shorter chin- to collarbone-length pieces will really help to soften up the hairline around the face and forehead," hairstylist Jordan M told Byrdie.

Full bangs

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The go-to hairstyle for those of us well-endowed in the forehead department, full bangs look good with different lengths and hair textures and create a classic look. As celebrity hairstylist MJ Rone told Female Network: "You can't go wrong with classic, full bangs."

While it's true that full fringe is a classic look, going from no bangs to full bangs is a big change, so it's understandable if you're feeling apprehensive about making the chop. "A full-on fringe is a big commitment, especially for first-timers," hairstylist Jordan M told Byrdie. "They're going to require some extra styling in the morning. And if you don't like them, it's an even bigger commitment to grow them back out."

If you're on the fence about getting full bangs, don't be afraid to try clip-on faux bangs to see if they suit you and if you can handle the maintenance and styling required. If you find them unflattering or difficult to work with, there are many other styles to choose from that can flatter a larger forehead.

Pixie cut

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If you're someone with a larger forehead, you may be thinking a pixie cut is the worst hairstyle for you, as the short, layered look really shows off the face. However, this bold cut could work to your advantage, especially if you opt for a pixie cut with side bangs. "A pixie cut with long, side-swept bangs also works for those who have a high hairline, as the different angles of the hair chops down the width of the forehead, making it look narrow," hairstylist MJ Rone told Female Network.

Another take on the pixie cut involves cutting the hair short but leaving some length on top so that the hair can be pulled to the front of the face, partially covering the forehead. "Pushing everything forward toward the face gives everything more volume and looks so iconic," hairstylist Jordan M told Byrdie. "If that idea sounds too extreme to you, start with some light face-framing and go from there."

These Are The Best Haircuts If You Have A Big Forehead - The List (2024)
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