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NEW YORK, June 3, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Hazeltree, the leading provider of integrated treasury management and portfolio financing solutions for investment managers, today announced the general availability of Hazeltree Debt Manager ™, an integrated tracking and management solution of credit facilities across loan products, lenders, and legal entities. Hazeltree Debt Manager provides near real-time credit data for decision making, improves operational efficiency in the use of credit facilities and reduces the risk of violating critical covenants.

Hazeltree Debt Manager offers clients the following benefits:

  • Contract Management – Define and keep track of the main loan agreement terms.
  • Covenant and limit management – Manage and track credit agreements and limits to ensure compliance.
  • Loan Portfolio Management – Track and manage credit facilities, cash on hand, and future cash flows in a single interface that provides the ability to manage and forecast liquidity and easily conduct credit transactions from a single screen while keeping track of credit portfolio tasks by following automatic alerts to keep.
  • Credit Transaction Management – Automate borrower-lender interactions to optimize withdrawals, drawdowns, and interest payments.
  • Financing Management – Independently calculate fees and financings to generate interest payments, fees, and interest adjustments.
  • Lender data management – Connect with data gathering lenders to track and reconcile disruptions with each facility to identify and manage breaks
  • optimization Integrate credit facilities with the optimization analysis to propose cash flow measures based not only on available cash and undrawn investor commitments, but also based on credit capacity and negotiated repayment terms.
  • Analytics and Business Insights – Analyze historical loan exposure, usage and cost of borrowing and identify trends to improve decision-making

“In the current environment, effectively managing all treasury processes with the most advanced features available has become a necessity,” said Sameer Shalaby, President & CEO of Hazeltree. “Hazeltree Debt Manager is another example of Hazeltree’s focus on delivering new and unique functionality to private fund managers and automating a largely manual process with no prior software solution.”

About Hazeltree
Hazeltree is the leading provider of cloud-based treasury management solutions serving hedge funds, private markets, asset managers, fund administrators, financial institutions and pension funds with powerful, proactive performance enhancement and risk mitigation capabilities that generate alpha from operations and address a range of liquidity and funding risks and streamline operations. Hazeltree’s integrated treasury management solution includes comprehensive cash management, securities financing, collateral and margin management and counterparty management. Hazeltree is headquartered in New York with offices in London and Hong Kong. Visit www.hazeltree.com or contact [email protected] for more information.

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