Can AI detectors detect paraphrasing? (2024)

Can AI detectors detect paraphrasing?

Originality.AI has built the first-of-its-kind AI that can detect if the content was modified using a paraphrasing tool like Quillbot. Our AI has been trained on what paraphrased content looks like and can detect it with 94.66% accuracy.

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Does paraphrasing avoid AI detection?

Whether content is Human Generated or AI-Generated once it has been run through a paraphrasing tool it is undetectable to all AI Detectors and Plagiarism Checkers EXCEPT Originality.AI!

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Can paraphrase be detected?

Turnitin may struggle to detect paraphrasing due to the quality of content, length of passage, and plagiarism settings within the software. To avoid detection, students should use acceptable text sources, create longer passages, use different synonyms, reorder sentences, and consider using sophisticated AI writers.

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Can AI detectors detect Quillbot?

Yes, Turnitin's enhanced algorithms can now detect Quillbot paraphrasing. The powerful technology recognizes and marks the distinctive patterns and structures found in AI-generated content for the user.

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Can Turnitin detect AI that has been paraphrased?

In our AI Innovation Lab, we have conducted tests using open sourced paraphrasing tools (including different LLMs) and in most cases, our detector has retained its effectiveness and is able to identify text as AI-generated even when a paraphrasing tool has been used to change the AI output.

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Is QuillBot AI cheating?

Not if used as intended. QuillBot is designed to write with the user, strengthening original ideas and text. If a user takes someone else's writing and tries to pass it off as their own, that is considered cheating, whether QuillBot was used or not.

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How do you evade AI detection?

Obfuscating Text
  1. Using Unicode Characters. Using Unicode characters can be an effective strategy to bypass AI content detectors. ...
  2. Adding Punctuation and Symbols. ...
  3. Using hom*oglyphs. ...
  4. Using Synonyms and Antonyms. ...
  5. Rearranging Sentence Syntax. ...
  6. Changing Word Forms. ...
  7. Visual Camouflage Techniques. ...
  8. Audio Encoding Methods.
Nov 7, 2023

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What is the AI undetectable paraphrasing tool?

One tool that fits these qualifications is Hypotenuse AI. Hypotenuse AI is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that is both accurate and efficient. It accurately captures the meaning of the original text, and can quickly rewrite it into a new sentence or paragraph.

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Are AI detectors 100% accurate?

Can AI Detectors Be Wrong? Yes, there are many instances where AI detectors have failed to identify AI-generated text and others where they flag human-written text as AI copy (known as a false positive). Some experts believe that reliable AI detection isn't possible with the current tools.

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How to trick AI content detectors?

The first and most obvious way to trick an AI Content Detector is to use an extended form of content that is generated by combining multiple prompts. Tools like,, and Writesonic have a tool called “Blog Wizard,” “Magic Blog Writer,” or some other colorful name.

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Does ChatGPT get caught by Turnitin?

Yes—Turnitin can tell if Chat GPT is used.

This is when the AI-detection tool incorrectly identifies human-written text as AI-generated. There are ways to check if something was AI-generated, such as looking for inaccurate statements, fake or inaccessible sources, unlikely wording, and more.

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Can AI generated text be detected after paraphrasing?

Yes, Quillbot content is detectable with 94.66% accuracy, using the AI detector at Originality.AI if the content is paraphrased using Quillbot it can be identified as not human-generated content regardless of if that content starts as copied human content or Chat GPT created content.

Can AI detectors detect paraphrasing? (2024)
Does paraphrasing trick Turnitin?

No, Turnitin is not capable of checking for plagiarism by word-for-word matches. Instead, it looks at the overall text and how it is expressed. So if you paraphrase without changing the original text's meaning, you should be fine.

How do I use QuillBot to avoid AI detection?

To use it, visit their website and enter text you need paraphrased into the box. You could check the writing for AI or turn the writing undetectable. If you ask it to humanize your text, it'll run through the detectors and then rewrite your content to make it completely undetectable.

Is it safe to paraphrase in QuillBot?

In short, it is safe to use QuillBot to produce original content, but there are no guarantees with paraphrasing work stolen from other writers.

Is using AI for essays cheating?

Using AI to generate parts or the entirety of an assignment is considered academic dishonesty according to Penn Foster's academic policy, as it misrepresents the student's own work and abilities.

Why is my writing being flagged as AI?

AI detection systems are not perfect and can sometimes produce false positives. It could be due to various factors such as unusual sentence structure, complex vocabulary, or patterns that resemble AI-generated content.

Is Turnitin AI detector accurate?

Whether or not a professor would trust the Turnitin AI writing detection results depends on a number of factors, including the professor's experience with the tool, the nature of the assignment, and the student's writing style. In general, Turnitin's AI writing detection tool is considered to be quite reliable.

Why is my essay detected as AI?

"If you use common English words, the detectors will give a low perplexity score, meaning my essay is likely to be flagged as AI-generated. If you use complex and fancier words, then it's more likely to be classified as human written by the algorithms," Zou explained.

Can you get caught using QuillBot?

QuillBot's primary purpose is to assist users in rephrasing and improving their writing. If used ethically, QuillBot can be a valuable resource for refining your communication skills. But if you're using it to rewrite plagiarized content, you could still be caught by plagiarism detectors.

Is ChatGPT and QuillBot detectable?

However, in general, if you take a paragraph generated by ChatGPT and put it through Quillbot, there is a possibility that the output may still show up as plagiarized on Turnitin or similar plagiarism detection tools.

Which paraphrasing tool Cannot be detected by AI detector?

Avoid AI Detection: WordAi paraphrasing tool humanizes the content to easily pass through the AI detectors. Control: The tool lets you adjust the level of rewriting. You can either write more conservatively or change the entire text. Multiple Rewrites: The feature lets you rewrite up to 1000 versions of the content.

Can you trust AI detectors?

While AI detectors have shown some accuracy in detecting AI-generated text, they have also exhibited biases, usability issues, and vulnerabilities to evasion techniques. But the studies themselves could be flawed, leaving everything up for speculation.

Can AI detectors be false?

A false positive is when an AI detector incorrectly identified human-created content as being likely generated by an AI. There is often some misunderstanding when it comes to false positives. For clarity here is how Originality.AI aims to identify AI vs Original content under different content creation scenarios…

How do you tell if an essay was written by AI?

Absence of emotions: AI-generated essays may not convey emotions or feelings in the same way that a human writer would. Use of unconventional language: AI-generated essays may contain unconventional language or phrasing that may not make sense to a human reader.

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